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Complimentary Consultation

In person complimentary consultation to determine your organizational needs up to 30 minutes.  After the consultation, a proposal of estimated costs will be emailed.

Home Organizing

Juliet will implement the agreed upon organizing plan with your participation.


$50.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

DYI Organizing

Juliet will meet with you and provide
a detailed organizing plan to be accomplished on your own.

$100 for 1 hour consultation


Juliet will shop for you either online or in person for the items needed to complete your organizing project based on a pre-paid estimate.


$25 an hour plus reimbursement 

Scheduled Maintenance

After the project is completed, Juliet will follow up with you on a consultation basis to help monthly, quarterly, or seasonally.

$25 for 30 minute session

Speaking Engagements

Educational presentation to your group up to 30 minutes.  


This is a complementary service.

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